What is Zoho?

You can think of Zoho as Microsoft Office suite built specifically for business processes. Much like Office has Word for documents, and PowerPoint for slideshows, Zoho has:

  • CRM: Manages your contacts, accounts, and deals. It allows you to also schedule tasks, send emails, and much more. If your business deals with people, you'll need a CRM.
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  • Creator: Allows users to build apps without the need to code. These can easily be converted into phone applications or customer portals for your clients.
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  • Campaigns: Need email campaigns? Want to personalize these emails and keep the relevant to your contacts? Curious about the effectiveness? Campaigns does this and much more while being completely GDPR compliant.
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  • Books: From Sales to Purchases to Inventory, Books is Zoho's accounting software. It not only integrates with Zoho's other platforms, it can also integrate with payment processors like Stripe. Send invoices and get paid, seamlessly.
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  • Analytics: Takes the data from the applications above to allow you to run advanced reports. It also supports most other platforms like Shopify or QuickBooks. Perfect for knowing what is your highest yielding product is or giving projections for the fiscal year.
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Do I need Zoho?

Zoho offers all of the above and much more for plans starting at $30/month. We can't believe it either.

The question is better framed this way: will Zoho provide me and my employees more than $30 worth of productivity each month? The answer for us, at least, was definitely.

Do I need Function Dynamic?

Maybe. The answer depends on:

  • Your project complexity
  • The amount of time you can afford

Zoho makes it easy to do things on your own, which is why we encourage self-learning through our Knowledge Base. In that same breath, Zoho provides developers the ability to do really complex things with the platform like integrating Zoho with other platforms.

If you need some clarity, always feel free to schedule a free consultation with us.