Our Company

Function Over Form

Our mission is to enhance the performance of businesses through software tools and knowledge.

Things should look good, but never at the sacrifice of function and performance. We are constantly looking for ways to improve how things are done. As each business and its challenges are unique, so too should be the approach to tackle it.

Believing that any company offering software and web solutions should be a leader in innovation, Function Dynamic's owner, Lee, set out to reinvent how a webpage can perform starting with this site. Function Dynamic will continue to deliver exceptional quality, bringing value to businesses and individuals.

Team Members

Lee Van Buskirk, Owner & Founder

Lee discovered his love for technology at the age of two when he started beating his mother at Digger on his family's MS-DOS computer. He holds a Bachelor of Philosophy and a Software Development advanced diploma. Lee has extensive experience working with businesses to create custom applications and CRM solutions.

Having taught English in Korea for three years (and teaching himself the language), Lee also has a passion for education. He believes that people should feel empowered by their software tools, not intimidated by them.

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