Web Development

Enhance Your Web Presence

A web presence is absolutely essential for anyone offering a product or service. What's more, sites should be simple, effective, and efficient. Here at Function Dynamic, we turn your vision into a platform that will deliver results. While we offer free, high-quality guides through our Knowledge Base, we know that some projects need a professional hand. Below are the many ways we can improve your presence online:


If you need a site built from the ground-up, or need work on an existing site, don't hesitate to reach out. Our focus is always on usability and performance because if your user is happy, you will be too. Knowing we must practice what we preach, we have developed this very site from the ground up so we encourage you to look around here first.

Performance Enhancement

We hate slow sites (who doesn't). However, site performance is more than a matter of opinion; it has a direct effect on your bottom-line. Sites that don't perform well will show up later in search results and, worse yet, reduce your conversions if they do get there. If you are a site owner, see how your site fares using this Google Tool (and feel free to check this one while you are at it).


Wordpress is a powerful platform that allows users to add or edit content without the need for any coding ability. That said, you may want help getting set up or need a hand with getting things just right. Whatever it is, we can help you with your Worpress needs.

Site Hosting and Management

Site hosting and management is complicated and time-intensive, particularly if you aren't familiar with it (and even when you are!). Moreover, website performance is directly affected by how things are set up. For example, many hosts use a shared server meaning that you share the same resources as other sites (think apartment vs home living). If you don't want to worry about these things, we can certainly do that for you.

Zoho Integration

Depending on your specific need, your website can tightly be integrated with the Zoho platform in many different ways. This site, for example, uses Zoho Analytics to run aggregate reports of site traffic and also integrates our Contact Us form with Zoho Creator to allow users to schedule their own appointments with us. Where there's a will, there's always a way.

Technologies and Platforms We Use


This is a server-side language. It excels at dynamically generating pages before sending it to the visitor. We like it; this site is powered by PHP!


This is a client-side language. This language allows things to happen after the visitor reaches your site. It is a powerful and versatile tool.


Also known as just 'Node', this is Javascript on the server. Its asynchronous nature makes it handling multiple requests and excels at being used for APIs and proxy services (code that sits outside an application or site).


This is a CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to manage websites without coding ability. It is powered by PHP and powers over 35% of the web.


Think of this as the Microsoft Office Suite for businesses. Known for it's CRM, Zoho provides tools to build custom applications, billing, emailing, document signing, and more. Learn more about what we do with Zoho.


Perhaps the easiest way to set up an e-commerce site. It offers easy-to-use tools and also integrates with Zoho for advanced analytics and inventory management. Chances are you have bought something from a Shopify store.


Nginx (pronounced "engine X") is an extremely performant, open-source web server. This handles all requests before any server-side code begins. Although we work with other web servers (like Apache), we prefer using Nginx.